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Water Damage | San Jose CA, Oakland CA, Berkeley CA

Welcome to One Call Services

Sometimes water damage happens without warning, and One Call Services is there within 30 minutes throughout Fremont, San Jose and the East Bay to get you back and running in pre-loss condition as soon as possible. We handle all of your water damage cleanup and restoration needs, including sewage cleanup and flood water removal, with competitive prices and customer service that beats the rest.

Watch where you walk! Is your flooring clean and attractive? Carpets soft? Hard surfaces shining? Whether it’s twice a year or once each quarter for your particular needs, regular cleaning by One Call Services will ensure that your home or business will always present its best.

Tile needs regular upkeep to ensure that stains don’t get ground into the grouting. Grouting is difficult to clean and almost always requires a professional cleaning service. Regular professional care from One Call Services will keep your tile and grout looking good and lasting longer.

Spills and dirt in carpeting and area rugs can stain the fibers permanently. Blot up spills immediately before they have a chance to soak in and dry the spill, producing a stain. Again, regular maintenance with One Call Services professional cleaning on a personalized schedule will keep your soft flooring clean and longer-lasting.

Cleaning your air duct systems semiannually — twice a year, before winter heating and again before summer air conditioning – will make sure that any allergy-prone, ill, the elderly, or young children will be protected. Our licensed professionals clean the air duct systems right down to the metal, leaving no trace of dirt, pollen or dander. Your heating and air conditioning systems can now run freely and efficiently, your filters will last longer and your home will be cleaner.

With all the benefits from One Call Services, your investments in your home and business pay for themselves again and again!

Water Damage Services throughout Freemont, San Jose, Oakland and East Bay, CA