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Steam Carpet Cleaning | East Bay 510-394-1606There are times when do-it-yourself just won’t do and when the knowledge and skills of a professional are required. When your home’s carpet needs to be cleaned and that cleaning needs to be done right, you need the assistance of well trained professionals you can depend on, like the ones at One Call Services.

Professionally steam-cleaned carpets are completely clean carpets. Other methods of removing stains or cleaning the carpet’s surface can’t provide the deep-cleaning that top-of-the-line professional steam cleaning equipment being used by trained technicians can.

Professional steam cleaning can prolong your carpet’s life. The grit and dirt in carpeting combined with constant foot traffic over them creates wear and tear on the fibers, and can cause your carpet permanent damage. The deep cleaning provided by professional steam cleaning gets deep into the carpeting, removing the grit and dirt that can make your carpet look old before its time.

Professional steam cleaning removes more than dirt, though. Professional steam cleaning also can remove allergens from your carpet and odors as well without the use of any harsh chemicals.

Using the equipment and skills of trained technicians means that your carpet is as dry as possible when they are finished. Do-it-yourself carpet cleaning can leave excess water in your carpet providing a place for mold and mildew to grow. Using a professional steam cleaning service means that your carpeting will dry quickly without causing you any worry about the health and safety of those you love.

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